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Despite the fact that English is taught in schools starting from elementary years, it is beyond doubt that this remains simple and insufficient, also it is only a repetition of the same instruction year in year out.

In addition, the necessity of knowing English in today’s world is blindingly obvious. Some people regard English as an obstacle that is impossible to overcome. Some hide behind the excuse “I understand English but can’t speak it”. The truth is that both cases arise from the lack of systematic English instruction at schools. Given in a short time, in classes full of students, it is thought that each student comprehends the day’s subject. With each new class, this gap widens and ultimately, English turns into a nightmare. Taking this inadequacy into account, Just English gives a fully student-based instruction for English language learners, which helps them learn the language and maintain their skills.

General English instruction at Just English is given by native speaker and Turkish instructors. It is a 5 level program consisting of elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels. At the end of the program, what is targeted is your English level to reach the level of a native speaker. Your learning process is supported with several activities both in and outside class such as clubs, online trainings, one on one lessons and study sessions.

Duration of courses differ between 1 to 16 weeks according to different course options and their intensity. There are 5 different course schedules available including weekday morning (intensive), weekday afternoon (cost-effective program), weekday evening (intensive), weekend morning and weekend afternoon. The instructional programs at Just English are compatible with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in terms of curriculum, methodology and assessment.

What is Elementary Level?

Elementary level is the first and basic level in English. It is also the period for getting introduced to and familiarized with the language. Another main reason why English instruction at schools is inefficient is the inability to build a good foundation and the language being taught only as “knowledge”. However, what is being missed is that a language is not only a matter of knowledge and that it is not formulized in full. When this is denied, what is left is only a boring pile of grammar which draws people away from the language.

Just English develops its programs accordingly. Thus, elementary level is defined as introducing English, building self-confidence and interest in it.

At the same time, at the end of your elementary level course at Just English, besides having gained self-confidence and having acquired a well-liked and well-learned English, you will have learned daily conversations, simple dialogues and basic tenses of grammar; forgetting the phrase “I understand English, but I can’t speak it”, you will be able to converse with your newly acquired self-confidence.

What is Pre-Intermediate level?

Being the second stage of General English, this level will strengt hen your foundation of English which you have learned in elementary level and you start to work on making the language permanent. Acknowledging that English is quite different than your native tongue, this is done naturally by comparing two languages, using the knowledge and experience you gained.

While your grammar instruction continues in pre-intermediate level, you will be able to use this knowledge of grammar; you will be able to carry longer dialogues, rather than easy ones , also you will start to comprehend sentences that you couldn’t before and express yourself much more comfortably.

Moreover, in this level, with listening, speaking and writing activities, the knowledge you acquired will start to become permanent and your vocabulary will improve through new words you are introduced to. With constant speaking practice, vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures you have learned will be kept alive.

What is Intermediate Level?

In this level, you will be able to exceed daily speech and start to comprehend academic language. Provided you complete the intermediate level successfully, you will have learned most of English grammar, will be able to develop complex sentences, have long conversations with foreigners with perfect pronunciation. At the same time, you will start to comprehend genres like novels, stories, articles, and will have built a foundation for academic exams such as TOEFL, IELTS.

English Course

Academic Training

Academic Training

Just English, the only leading language school in Turkey, has proved its success over its competitors not only in general English instruction but also with its achievement in academic exam courses.

Just English is also the most preferred language school being one of the ETS approved TOEFL exam centers. Academic courses designed with the awareness that their students are privileged, Just English aims to carry them a step forward in their business and academic lives. Having an over 85% success rate in academic exams such as YDS, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, TOEIC, Just English offers its students the key to success along with the facilities it provides.

Regardless of the academic exam preparation you attend, all classes are conducted by expert teaching staff. Thus it is not possible for students to come across a YDS instructor in an IELTS preparation class, or an IELTS instructor in a GMAT preparation course. In addition, all our Turkish and foreign staff are instructors with academic degrees.

With our teaching staff, our course hours high in number, and our contemporary program, we promise to lead you to success.

Other Languages

Just English, being the best and most successful language school, with the growing demand, passing it success to Russian, Spanish, German, thus has started courses in these languages.

Just English is an institution founded realizing the gap in language instruction and which aims to fill this gap. Accordingly, language instruction in our school is consistent for every course. Our fully student-based teaching system is built on teaching the language starting from its alphabet to its folkloric elements and its finest details, regardless of the language.

Just English is the leading language school in Turkey. What gives Just English the title of leadership is its different and fully student-based quality.

Differing from all other institutions, Just English is the only language school which offers its students the highest number of course hours. The entire teaching staff is certified and has academic degrees. All language courses are conducted by Turkish and foreign instructors. You will be instructed by native speakers of the language you choose to learn. So, if the course language is English, you are instructed by native speakers of English; if it is Russian, then you are instructed by native speakers of Russian.

Other Languages

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Before studying abroad, something many people dream of doing, a thorough research should be done; this process should be carried out with a trustworthy institution that can help you with every aspect, from registration to accommodation.

Having proved its success with many awards it has won, Just English, the most successful, most trustworthy, and the best language school in Turkey, has also proved itself with its foreign education consultancy.

Just English, offering you options like certificate and diploma programs, work & travel, language schools or summer schools, is very particular about its foreign education consultancy. Starting from the moment you consult Just English to your return to Turkey, regardless of your age group, Just English is not only your consultant but is like your family dealing with everything from registration process at your destination, to accommodation and to any case of health problem you may face.If you are interested in getting your study abroad experience like one of the family, we expect to see you in one of our branches and join our family.